Wardrope gears not dropping in lockbox

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Wardrope gears not dropping in lockbox

Postby Sim0n » Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:17 pm

Once you own a piece of gear and have it in your equipment, it won’t drop anymore from the lockbox. Knowing that, I wait for the end of an event before selling all the gears I don’t need. This way, I don’t end up receiving three T13 kilt from the lockbox. I’m not sure if this increases my chance of receiving the other gears I’d like or if it only increase the chance of less useful items (10K silver, 1 gs, etc.).

Either way, I’d like if the gears unlocked in the wardope would stop dropping in the lockbox regardless that you have it in your equipment or not. This way, we could sell the gears we don’t need before the end of the event and, more importantly, the items sold the year before wouldn’t drop the next year.

Two of the gears that dropped for me last year (T13) dropped again this year while the three T19 I want still didn’t drop. I can’t stop to think that maybe if I didn’t sell them last year, that would have increased my chance for the T19.

The lockbox should take in consideration the items unlocked in the wardrope, keeping stuff you don’t need in your equipment for more than a year just so it doesn’t drop the next year is annoying.

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