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  • Overview
  • In Book of Heroes, you create your own character and explore a fantasy world filled with great danger, high adventure, ancient treasures, and storied weaponry. In a world where the stories of heroes are yet to be written, anyone can become a legend!

    This guide is meant to help you take the first steps on your journey into the fabled pages of the Book of Heroes.

  • Starting the Game
  • Venan ID

    By creating a Venan ID, you will be able to access multiple character slots as well as the ability to play your characters across multiple devices. Signing up for Venan ID is easy, free, and safe! Just tap the Login button on the main menu and then tap the Register button to create a new account.

    After you create an account, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided. Once you've confirmed the e-mail address, you will be able to sign in with your e-mail and password on any device with Book of Heroes to gain access to your characters and your game progress.

    Once logged in, you can manage your Venan ID account from the options menu. If you ever want to log out, you can do so by tapping the Logout button on the main menu.

    Creating a Character

    If this if your first time playing Book of Heroes, you will need to create a character. After tapping the Play button, you will enter the character customization screen. From here, you can name your character (10 characters max) and customize their gender and facial features. You can also randomize the character's appearance by selecting the Randomize button.

    Transferring a Character

    If you are playing Book of Heroes on a device that has never been used with a Venan ID account, and you then log in using a Venan ID account, your pre-existing characters on that device will need to be transferred over to your new Venan ID.

    Please consult our FAQ at the end of this document for step-by-step instructions on how to transfer your characters.

    Selecting a Class

    After completing your initial quest, you will be tasked with picking a class. Before choosing your class, it is important to ask yourself how you want to develop your character and your play-style. There are three classes in Book of Heroes, and each one offers unique opportunities, equipment, and abilities over the course of the game.


    If you select this class, you will be assuming the role of a great and spiritually-imbued warrior capable of striking down evil foes with both one and two-handed weapons. Justicars can also wield shields of all types and wear the heaviest mail armors. This class is ideal for starting players.

    Shadow Walker

    If you select this class, you will learn the arts of stealth and deception, perfecting the art of the quick strike and then fading into the shadows. Shadow Walkers can dual-wield blades or choose to wield a sword and a light shield. They can also equip leather armor of various types. Shadow Walkers are ideal for players that want to strike quickly and constantly, sacrificing brute strength for speed and evasiveness.

    War Mage

    If you select this class, you will be trained in the magical arts of fire and ice, being able to cast fireballs just as effectively as freezing your enemies in place. The War Mage can wield magical staves, one-handed swords, light shields, and light cloth armor. This is an ideal class for players interested in dealing incredible amounts of damage in very short periods of time. The War Mage has low health and poor defenses, but its offensive power is higher than the other classes.

    Transferring a Character:

    If you are playing Book of Heroes on a device that has never been used with a Venan ID account, and you then log in using a Venan ID account, the old device-based character is not automatically transferred to your Venan ID account, and will be unplayable until you log out again. If you wish to transfer your device-based character to your Venan ID account, please complete the following steps:

    1. Go to the Main Menu and log out.
    2. Press Play and enter the game world. The character you're playing should now be the same character that you wish to transfer.
    3. Go to Options, then press Contact.
    4. A pre-filled e-mail should appear. In the body of the e-mail, briefly describe your situation and request that a character transfer take place.
    5. Please allow 1 complete business day for the transfer to occur.
  • Resources
  • Experience

    Experience (XP) is earned by completing quests and defeating enemies in combat. When you earn enough experience, you will gain a level! Earn higher levels to unlock better equipment, new items in the store, new areas to explore, and new quests to undertake.

    Silver Coins

    Silver Coins are the main currency in the world of Book of Heroes. You earn Silver Coins by completing quests and defeating enemies throughout the game, and you can use them to buy items and equipment in Majerio's Shop or the Temple whenever you return to Glenfort Village.

    Gold Shields

    Gold Shields are Glenfort's most prized form of currency. Molded from solid gold and stamped with the symbol of the King of Highcliff, Gold Shields are used to purchase best goods in the land.

    Gold Shields can be used to purchase special equipment from Majerio's Shop, special blessings from the Temple, and instant energy refills. You can also use Gold Shields when you have fallen in combat to instantly revive with full health. Gold Shields can be purchased at any time. Additionally, they will rarely drop from enemies.

    Hero Tokens

    This special currency can be used to purchase Hero Training, located inside the Training Hall in Glenfort village. Hero training will allow you to permanently boost any of your stats. Every time you boost your stats, the cost to do it again will increase. Complete Daily Bounties or achieve Feats of Heroism to earn Hero Tokens.

    Valor Tokens

    Valor Tokens are earned from completing raids. At level 4, you can join a guild. As your guild completes raids, you will be awarded Valor Tokens. Use these to buy special equipment and gems from Majerio's Shop.


    Energy is used to visit areas in the game and begin battles with enemies. All areas with enemies in Book of Heroes cost energy to visit.

    Energy replenishes itself over time, and you can also spend Gold Shields to fill your energy bar instantly.


    Your life is just that - your life! If it runs out during combat, you will be defeated and must return to Glenfort Village to wait for it to recharge. You can heal a portion of your life at any time in combat by using any Healing Potions you have.

    Outside of combat, you can return to the Temple at any time and be healed there for 100 Silver Coins. You can also fully replenish your health by purchasing a blessing.

  • Majerio's Shop
  • One of the most important things you need to know as an adventurer is that it doesn't matter how strong you are, if you're not wearing proper armor or wielding a proper weapon, your chances of becoming a hero are rather slim. Fortunately, Majerio has exactly what you need!

    Majerio's Shop is located in Glenfort Village and becomes available to you very early in the adventure. After purchasing a starter pack of adventuring gear, you will be able to access Majerio's full stock of items and purchase anything you desire, so long as you have the necessary Silver Coins, Valor Tokens, or Gold Shields!

    Mystery Lockboxes

    When you buy a Mystery Lockbox in Majerio's Shop, you never quite know what will be inside. There are six unique kinds of Mystery Lockboxes, each containing a different set of rewards that you can win!

    • The Silver Lockbox: Offers a chance to win up to 12 Gold Shields.
    • The Golden Lockbox: Offers a chance to win up to 115 Gold Shields!
    • The Mega Silver Lockbox: Offers a chance to win up to 120 Gold Shields!
  • The Temple
  • In addition to standard healing services, the Glenfort Temple provides adventurers with healing services, magical runes, potions, and incredible temporary spells called blessings.


    In the Temple within Glenfort village are a number of powerful rune items that can help turn the tides of battle in a pinch! Runes are special items that you can use during combat to deal bonus damage and effects to your enemies. There are five different rune types you can purchase:

    • The Break Rune will interrupt a single enemy's attack, canceling their turn entirely.
    • The Purge Rune removes a beneficial status effect from a single enemy.
    • The Fire Rune deals fire damage to all enemies and will continue to burn them over time.
    • The Frost Rune deals ice damage to all enemies and will slow down their actions temporarily.
    • The Blight Rune deals nature damage to all enemies and will reduce their attack damage temporarily.
    • The Spirit Rune deals spirit damage to all enemies and will decrease their defense temporarily.


    Also available in the Temple are multiple potions that you can purchase with Silver Coins. Healing Potions come in three levels of potency (150 Health, 500 Health, and 1250 Health) and the Cleansing Potion will remove one negative status effect per use.

    Potions can be used during your turn in combat by tapping on the "Self-Target" ability icon and then tapping on the potion you want to use. All potions are used immediately after confirmation, but you will need to wait 4 seconds between Healing Potions. Cleansing Potions have no cool-down requirements between uses and can be used as often as needed.


    Blessings can be used to give you an edge in Book of Heroes. Whether you're having trouble defeating a powerful monster or you simply want to reach the next level sooner, there is a blessing you can purchase for almost any occasion.

    • The Blessing of Fortune increases the amount of Silver Coins you earn from defeated enemies by 25% for 24 hours, letting you buy pricier items sooner!
    • The Blessing of Might increases your melee and spell damage by 25% for 24 hours, making your attacks more powerful.
    • The Blessing of Speed increases your speed by 25% for 24 hours, decreasing the time needed to cast your attacks and abilities.
    • The Blessing of Vitality increases your maximum health by 25% for 24 hours, letting you take more damage from enemy attacks.
    • The Blessing of Wisdom increases the amount of experience (XP) you receive by defeating enemies by 25% for 24 hours, letting you level up even faster!
  • The Mucky Duck Inn
  • The Inn is where all adventurers stop to take a break during their travels, making it a prime location to compare feats of heroism with your friends, or invite new friends into the game!

    The Leaderboard

    If you have swapped Friend Codes with another player, you will be able to see them here. In the Leaderboard, all your friends are arranged in order by their Hero Score. You can also tap your friends' portraits here to see their equipment and compare their gear to your own.

    The Global Leaderboard

    If you have a GameCenter account, you can compare your Hero Score to other players without adding them to your friends list. How do you stack up against all the heroes in Glenfort?

    Invite Friends and Friend Codes

    When you enter the Invite Friends screen, you will see your Friend Code displayed on screen as a series of nine numbers (123-456-789). If you give these numbers to a friend, they can enter them into the box on this screen to add you to their game. If a friend adds you, then they automatically become a friend in your game as well.

  • The Character Menu
  • The Character Menu is your one stop for all information related to your character, your quests, your equipment, and everything in between. To access the Character Menu, tap your character's portrait in the top-left corner of the screen.

    Equipping Items

    You have ten categories of equipment that you can use at any given time. The first time you earn or purchase an item in a category, it will equip itself automatically but any subsequent items you acquire will need to be manually equipped. You can do so from Majerio's Shop when you buy a new item, or you can enter the Character Menu and do it from there. The categories of equipment are:

    1. Head
    2. Amulet
    3. Cloak
    4. Chest
    5. Main Hand
    6. Off Hand
    7. Legs
    8. Boots
    9. Rings
    10. Gloves

    Class-Based Equipment

    Each of the three classes in Book of Heroes has their own equipment restrictions. What this means is that you will only find certain pieces of equipment while playing as a specific class. For example, a Justicar will find chainmail armor where a War Mage may find an enchanted piece of cloth armor.

    Each class also has its own weapon requirements:

    • Justicars can equip one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, light shields, and heavy shields.
    • Shadow Walkers can equip one-handed weapons, off-handed weapons, and light shields.
    • War Mages can equip magical staves, one-handed weapons, and light shields.

    Other Items

    Sometimes you will receive special items for quests. These items cannot be sold or equipped, and will be removed from your inventory when you turn them in at the end of the quest.


    Sigils are special items available in the Hero Store and Majerio's Shop that permanently award a bonus to your character. Unlike normal equipment, you do not "equip" a sigil — once you have purchased it, its effects are immediate.

    For example, the "Sigil of Vigor" will increase your maximum energy capacity by +2. Once you have purchased the sigil, your energy bar will immediately increase by +2. There's nothing else you need to do!


    Your character has ten statistics that govern how you perform in combat encounters. These stats are:

    • Melee: Determines how effective you are with melee weapons such as swords and axes.
    • Magic: Determines how effective you are with spells and spell-enhanced weapon attacks.
    • Crit: Determines your chance of striking a "critical hit" and dealing bonus damage.
    • Crit Power: Determines the strength of the attack when a critical hit is dealt.
    • Physical Resist: Determines your resistance to physical damage.
    • Dodge: Determines your chance of dodging an enemy attack.
    • Magic Resist: Determines your effectiveness in resisting magical attacks.
    • Haste: Determines any speed bonuses to your ability casting times.


    All of your currently-unlocked combat abilities are displayed in this screen.

    You are automatically given abilities when you select your class, and then on each subsequent level-up until you reach level five, at which point you can allocate ability points into abilities of your choosing. Visit the Training Hall to allocate your ability points into new abilities or to upgrade old ones. You can spend one Gold Shield to reset your abilities if you would like to try out a different spec.

    Ability Tiers

    There are three ability "tiers" in the Training Hall. The top-level tier is unlocked at level 5 and allows you to improve the power of your first four combat abilities. When you put enough points into the first tier, you will unlock the second tier, which allows you to activate four new combat abilities. To unlock a combat ability, you must spend at least one ability point in it. When you have placed enough points into your abilities, the third and final tier will unlock, opening even more new combat abilities.


    Any quest that you have accepted but not yet completed will appear in this screen. You can view your progress in completing the quest, check who gave you the quest, and read the quest description from here.


    Feats of Heroism are goals that you can work toward to earn Hero Score and Hero Tokens. From this screen, you can scroll through your feats to check your progress on each one, as well as see what feats you have completed previously.


    This screen allows you to view your current inventory. All items that you have, from equipment to quest items, will appear here. Quest-related items will show up at the top of the list, while equipment and other items will appear beneath them.

  • Exploring the World
  • When the game begins, you will find yourself in your hometown of Glenfort Village. As you progress through the game, new locations and opportunities will open themselves up to you through your in-game map. To explore a location, simply tap it to learn more about it. Not every location will be open to you right away, but as you increase your level and complete quests, new zones will become available for exploration. The world of Book of Heroes is divided into numerous zones that you can visit, and there are multiple types of zones to explore.

    Adventure Zones

    These zones are marked by a sword-and-chest icon on your map. Most often, these areas will appear only for certain quests, and completing the objective in the zone will remove it from your game map.

    When you visit an Adventure Zone, you will be confronted by a series of set enemy s that does not change, even if you leave the  zone and return later. If you manage to defeat all the s in the zone, you will successfully complete the zone and be able to return to the map.

    If you decide to leave an Adventure  Zone before you have defeated all the encounters in the zone, you will need to defeat all the zone's enemies from the beginning the next time you visit.

    To visit one of these zones, you will need to pay a set amount of energy before entering. The amount of energy you need to spend will change depending on the number of s in the zone.

    Endless Zones

    These zones are marked by a sword-and-infinity (∞) symbol on your map. These zones appear for quests and unlock based on your current level, but will rarely be removed from your map.

    When you visit an Endless  Zone, you will be confronted by a randomly selected enemy or group of enemies based on the region you are exploring. If you defeat the enemies, you will be able to pay an additional unit of energy to begin a new combat encounter with another randomly selected enemy. You can continue to battle enemies in an Endless  Zone as long as you have energy to spare.

    All Endless  Zones cost one unit of energy to enter, and each subsequent  costs one unit of energy.

    Dungeon Zones

    These zones are marked by a sword and treasure chest symbol on your map. Dungeon  Zones are controlled by powerful boss enemies that guard incredible treasures. To defeat a dungeon boss, you will need to be both powerful and well equipped, since you will need to battle through nine normal enemy encounters before you even begin your battle against the dungeon boss.

    All Dungeon  Zones cost ten units of energy to enter, and if you are defeated or choose to leave before defeating the boss, you will need to spend another ten units of energy to revisit the zone and challenge the boss and its minions once again.

    Raid Zones

    These zones are marked by a flag and treasure chest symbol on your map. Raid Zones offer unique challenges that are only available to players who are in guilds. Visit a Raid Zone to partner with your guild-mates to defeat powerful enemies and earn fantastic treasures!

  • Quests
  • Quests allow you to experience the story of Book of Heroes, earn unique equipment and loot, gain valuable experience, and unlock new areas of the game.

    Your very first task on your journey into the pages of the Book of Heroes will be to accept a quest from your boss and lifelong mentor, Innkeeper Colette. Quest opportunities are presented on your game map as "!" icons. To learn more about a quest, tap the icon to read the description and view the rewards you will receive upon completion. You can accept the quest right away, or decline the offer and return later.

    Some locations, such as the Training Hall, will require you to tap the character's portrait in the corner of the screen to speak to that character and view their quest.

    Viewing Quests

    Once you have accepted a quest, you can view it at any time by either tapping the Quest shortcut icon at the lower-left corner of your map, or by opening the Character Menu and navigating to the Quest screen.

    Completing Quests

    When you have successfully completed all quest objectives, a notification will be displayed on-screen to remind you to turn it in for the quest rewards. Most quests can be turned in to the same character that gave you the quest. Check for the bouncing green check mark at a location where you need to turn in quests.

  • Daily Bounties
  • When you reach level 3, Daedalus will begin to offer you Daily Bounties. These are special quests that are automatically added to your log once a day that allow you to earn special Hero Tokens for use in the Training Hall.

    Safety Rating

    Glenfort village is constantly under attack by the dark forces at work all throughout the valley - from the Ebian Forest to the Urgresh Mountains and everything in between, evil creatures plot the demise of its citizens. As a protector of the village, completing Daily Bounties will help increase the safety of Glenfort and keep these malicious forces at bay.

    Each day that you complete a Daily Bounty, Glenfort's safety rating will increase by one notch, all the way up to the "Well-Defended" rating.

    Each day that you do not a complete a Daily Bounty in time, Glenfort's safety rating will drop by one, all the way down to the "Chaos" rating.

    The amount of time that you have remaining before the Daily Bounty expires is listed in your Quest Log. When the timer reaches 0, the Daily Bounty will be removed from your Quest Log. The following day, a new Daily Bounty will be offered.

    Earning Hero Tokens

    The higher Glenfort's safety rating, the more Hero Tokens you will earn by completing Daily Bounties. You can use your Hero Tokens in the Training Hall to purchase upgrades to your stats that are only available to the true heroes of Glenfort!

    Completing a Daily Bounty while the village is embroiled in chaos will net only one Hero Token, while completing a Daily Bounty at the Well-Defended rating will award a full eight Hero Tokens.

  • Combat
  • Whenever you enter a combat zone, you will encounter enemies that must be defeated to progress through the game. Combat is at the heart of Book of Heroes, and understanding how to best defeat your enemies will give you a major advantage as you journey through the game world.


    There are numerous enemy types in the game, and if you enter a combat zone you'll come face-to-face with a true rogue's gallery of bandits, rat-men, goblins, beasts, undead, and demonic entities!

    All enemies in the game are represented on cards that appear at the center of the screen. You will encounter single enemies, pairs of enemies, or a full group of three. The types of enemies you run into will be based on where in the game world you are exploring.

    Enemy cards display a variety of information that can help you learn more about your foes and determine how you may want to proceed in combat:

    • Life Meter: Attack the enemy to reduce their health points (HP). When this meter is emptied, the enemy will be defeated.
    • Enemy Level: If an enemy's level is equal to yours, then you are evenly matched against that enemy. The higher the enemy's level, the tougher the battle will be.
    • Status Panel: If your enemy is being affected by a status effect, such as slow or poison, an icon will appear in this corner.
    • Action Timer: When your enemy is preparing an attack, their action timer will display the name of the attack and the amount of time remaining before it is activated.
    • Enemy Name: Displays the name of the enemy you are fighting.

    Action Time

    Most actions in combat take time to prepare. Learning to use this preparation time to your advantage is a key strategy in Book of Heroes!

    Whenever you choose an attack, it will take time to prepare. You can view the preparation time progress via the blue bar at the bottom of the screen. As your enemies select their attacks, their preparation bars will also appear at the bottoms of their own cards.

    When it is your turn, you will be able to see how much time is remaining on your enemies' actions by looking at the bars beneath their cards.

    Time in Book of Heroes

    When an ability's action bar fills, time will freeze momentarily as the ability is used. This pauses all action bars for you and your enemies until the ability has been used. Once a combat ability has been used, time resumes for all the combatants once more.

  • Attacking
  • Basic Attack

    Your main combat action is a normal attack, located on the far-left side of your action bar at the bottom of the screen. When you select this action, you will carry out a standard attack using your currently-equipped weapon(s). The length of time this attack takes is dependent on the speed ratings on your equipped weapons. The higher the speed, the quicker your basic attack will take!

    Combat Abilities

    As your skills improve, you will have the opportunity to learn new abilities that you can use in combat. Abilities vary depending on the class you choose in the beginning of the adventure, and are a key element to succeeding in combat.

    Abilities are divided into three types: Single-Target, Group-Target, and Self-Target. As the names imply, Single-Target abilities focus on one enemy, Group-Target abilities focus on all enemies in the encounter, and Self-Target abilities target you, the player.

    When you tap an ability category, a sub-menu will slide out displaying the abilities you have available. To learn more about a combat ability, tap it. In the space above the ability, you will see the name, a brief description of the ability's effect, and the amount of time the ability will take to prepare (in seconds).

    To confirm that you want to use that ability, tap it again when the "Use" text is displayed on the icon.

    Ability Cool-Down

    Any time you use a combat ability in Book of Heroes, it will enter a cool-down phase. During this time, you cannot use the same ability again. You will be able to see how much time remains before the ability can be used again by observing the radial timer on the ability icon.

    Buffs and De-Buffs

    A "buff" is any ability that grants you or an enemy a beneficial effect that lasts for an extended period of time. For example, the Justicar's "Divine Power" buff  increases their melee and spell ratings by 20% for 5 seconds. Alternatively, their "War Cry" de-buff decreases enemy defense ratings by 50% for 5 seconds.

    All buffs and de-buffs that affect you will appear in the top-right corner of the screen as tappable icons with radial timers displaying their length. You can learn more about the effects themselves by touching the icon.

    Any de-buff that you cast on an enemy will appear along the right-hand side of the enemy's card. You can also tap these to view information about the effect.


    If your life bar reaches 0, you will be defeated. All is not lost, however! You can either choose to retreat to Glenfort and regenerate your health, or you can pay 5 Gold Shields to have Majerio revive you. If you choose to revive, your health will be instantly restored to full and you can continue the battle as if nothing happened!